Toronto West Athletics

Founded in 2016, TWA is a community of passionate runners and dedicated coaches, united by a love for distance running. From young beginners to competitive athletes, we nurture talent, emphasize sportsmanship, and chase excellence together. Train with us in Toronto’s west end and reach your running potential!

Our Programs

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Explore Toronto West Athletics’ mid and long-distance programs, designed for athletes aged eight and above. Find out what sets us apart.

Our Coaches

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Meet the heart and soul of our club—our dedicated coaches. With a wealth of diverse competitive experience, they foster an environment where athletes can truly excel.

Join Us

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Experience the TWA difference with a free trial membership, available year-round. Come see firsthand what makes us the choice for dedicated runners of all ages.

Established in January 2016, TWA is more than a running club; we’re a provincially incorporated, not-for-profit organization driven by a dedicated team of coaches, parents, and runners, all sharing a common goal. Our mission is ambitious: to one day produce an Olympic champion. Our coaches bring decades of competitive experience and coaching expertise to help aspiring distance runners reach their full potential.

Here’s what makes TWA unique:

  • Nurturing Passion: We instill a lifelong love for running in athletes of all ages.
  • Comprehensive Athlete Development: We prioritize holistic athlete growth with a dedicated focus on mental performance coaching, strength training, nutrition workshops, and a commitment to building camaraderie through social events. 
  • Training Excellence: Our training programs cater to all levels, from elementary to university athletes and Masters groups.
  • Exceptional Achievements: TWA athletes have achieved National Champion status, represented Canada internationally, and earned scholarships at top Canadian and American universities.

Our primary training location is Centennial Park, with indoor sessions at the Toronto Track & Field Center, York University, during track season (January – March).

Join Us on the Journey: We offer year-round training programs, with club practices on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Ready to embark on your running journey with us? Join Now and become a part of the TWA family.