OFSAA 2017

midget boys OFSAA race

Fantastic club results at OFSAA in Petawawa.
Roman dominated the midget boys race for a well deserved win. It cannot be overstated how hard it is to win ofsaa. Congrats to Roman.
The junior girls were next with extraordinary results from Julia and Laura with 7th and 10th place finishes. Both girls beat girls who were dominant in the GTA all of last year!
Ben placed 4th in Junior boys and looked very comfortable running with the lead pack. Lots more to come from Ben!
In Senior boys, Daniel came through yet again with a great race placing 25th, and beating all 3 TDSB rivals who beat him at the City final.
All the other club members had solid races, but the reality of ofsaa is that you can run very well and still place 70th!
Ofsaa is often referred to as one of the top 3 high school races in North America, and for good reason.
On to AO and Nationals!

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