Last Lap by Mike Housley – April 18th, 2017

Toronto West Running Club

The winter has come and gone and suddenly it is Spring and we are on the track. One of my recurring themes to my group is how quickly the weeks pass and once again we are facing the main racing season of May and June.

Did you do all that you wanted over the winter months? If not, you can’t really make it all up in the next two months. Our sport rewards consistency over the whole year, and it is the rare athlete who can make up for missed training by training harder in these next two months. But for those who have been consistent over the last few months, the rewards are within reach!

Now the focus must be on racing speeds. Times in practice do matter, so listen to your coach as they tell you what speed the intervals are to be run in.

Work on even pacing. A 400 that is intended to be run in 70 seconds needs to be run 35,35, and not 33,37.

I will write more on this next month, but as the racing season starts, set your goals and go after them!

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